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Zod Tips

Using Zod Refine

Zod's .refine method can be used to implement more advanced forms of validation, such as making sure a field takes on a certain value (like making sure a box is checked) or doing checks involving multiple fields (password / confirm password). You must call .refine on the form schema itself, not on fields (unless you want the refined field to be mapped to a unique component):

password: z.string(),
confirmPassword: z.string(),
(values) => {
return values.password === values.confirmPassword;
message: "Passwords must match!",
path: ["confirmPassword"],

This would map the message "Passwords must match!" to the confirmPassword field in case the passwords don't match. Note that .refine only validates after the base schema object passes validation.

Zod Transform

Zod transform is not currently supported, this library assumes that the input and output type of your zod schema parsing should match.