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Accessing Form State

Form State

Sometimes you need to work with the form directly (such as to reset the form from the parent). In these cases, just pass the react-hook-form useForm() result to your form:

import {zodResolver} from '@hookform/resolvers/zod';
import {z} from 'zod';

const FormSchema = z.object({
myTextField: z.string().min(10, 'must be 10 in length')

function MyPage() {
// Need to type the useForm call accordingly
const form = useForm<z.infer<typeof FormSchema>>({
resolver: zodResolver(FormSchema)
const { reset } = form;
return (
// ...

Notice we have to import zodResolver and pass it as the resolver to useForm in order to have our form be validated properly (this is something the library normally does internally).