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Labels And Placeholders

Quick Labels / Placeholders

@ts-react/form provides a way to quickly add labels / placeholders via zod's .describe() method:

const FormSchema = z.object({
// label="Field One", placeholder="Please enter field one...."
fieldOne: z.string().describe("Field One // Please enter field one..."),

The // syntax separates the label and placeholder. @ts-react/form will make these available via the useDescription() hook:

function TextField() {
const { label, placeholder } = useDescription();
return (
<input placeholder={placeholder} />

This is just a quicker way to pass labels / placeholders, but it also allows you to reuse placeholder / labels easily across forms:

const MyTextFieldWithLabel = z.string().describe("label");

const FormSchemaOne = z.object({
field: MyTextFieldWithLabel,

const FormSchemaTwo = z.object({
field: MyTextFieldWithLabel,

If you prefer, you can just pass label and placeholder as normal props via props.